Roory the Rescue Kitty

Hi, I'm Roory the Rescue Kitty!

Roory is angry because her story has never been told and she’s actually a pretty cool dog-lovin’ cat. All of our dogs get their stories told so Roory says she should, too. She’s our Tabby cat we rescued from a street in our neighborhood, basically on the verge of death. She was insanely skinny (almost 4 pounds) and had no fur at all, except a few patches on her head. There was a large scar on her side; we assume it was from a previous car accident or fight with a large animal. Still, she was the friendliest cat who loved to meow and ask for pets and treats.

Roory batting Scarlett, the Vizsla/Pit.

She came right to us; we called the veterinarian’s office and took her in. Among the problems our vet discovered: she had a severe case of hookworms, a flea infestation and allergy that caused her to scratch and lick all her fur off and a hyperactive thyroid. Roory also had an unregistered microchip, meaning she once belonged to someone. Our vet estimated she had been living on the streets for at least a year (we believed this after watching her hunt!!!). All of Roory’s problems were treated; her fur came back in a soft, silky coat, she gained weight and stayed happy throughout the whole thing.

Today, she is one of the most social cats we know. Many friends call her cat-dog because she shares many dog similarities including coming when called, lining up at the backdoor to go potty outside, playing fetch, sleeping in the dogs’ beds and seriously playing with the pups as if she herself were a canine. She craves social attention and approval and will cry if you don’t say hello to her when you come in the door (of course, after all the slobbery, clumsy pups get out of the way). She has no hiding places in the house and would rather sit beside us, one top of the pups or, even, beside you! And if you start petting…she may never let you stop!

This is my bed, you know.

Sleeping on her brother, Harley.

We love Roory especially because she doesn’t tolerate any foolishness and will hiss or bat down any member of the family to get ’em back in line (especially the pups if they get a little too frisky!). She is an awesome rescue cat and we are so happy we could help save her life.

Do you have a cat? We’d love to hear about him or her! Copy and paste the cat profile below into the comments and change your answers.

Cat Profile
Name: Roory
Nickname: Roor-Cat, Roor, Cat-Dog
Breed: Tabby
Age: Approx. 13
Favorite Treat(s): Whiskas Temptations and yummy salmon flakes
Favorite Activity/Activities: Being petted or hunting animals in the backyard
Three Words to Describe: Friendly, Resourceful, Playful


4 responses to “Roory the Rescue Kitty

  1. I want a cat! But my bad actor dogs will not tolerate one. Maybe some day

  2. Oh Roory sounds just wonderful. So glad she found a good home.
    We have a kitty…
    Cat Profile
    Name: Nestle Crunch
    Nickname: Kitty, Kitty-cat, (I didn’t name her and had a heck of a time remembering her name at first)
    Breed: Domestic Short Hair (black)
    Age: Approx. 6
    Favorite Treat(s): None, she doesn’t like them (she is fond of Petro-malt the hairball stuff)
    Favorite Activity/Activities: Laying in the sun or in front of the heater vent in winter and playing with…anything, including the 2 brown dawgs

  3. Name: Scratchy
    Breed: Domestic Short Hair (black)
    Age: Approx. 13
    Favorite Treat(s): juice from tuna cans
    Favorite Activity/Activities: hanging out near – but not on people, playing with pipe cleaners
    Three Words to Describe: Aloof, Active, Sensitive

  4. Thanks for the responses…I love hearing about fluffballs! Nestle-Crunch sounds like such a sweetheart, I’m a fan of cats who love dogs. And oh my dear Scratchy, you are so funny, I remember a story about pipe-cleaners 🙂 Mom, I’m confident we could get you a cat and have the dogs loving her in a matter of 2-4 weeks with proper training! I know Dad would secretly love it…

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