Dog Products that Support Animal Rescue

Supporting animal rescue can be as simple as purchasing everyday items for your dogs on websites that directly support animal rescue, adoption and responsible pet ownership. Each website below supports animal rescue and adoption efforts across the US. Check out these cool products for your pups below and know that if you buy, you will help save lives of innocent animals.

The Animal Rescue Site Store– Every purchase funds at least 14 bowls of food for a shelter animal. The store has a range of items including pet products, apparel, jewelry, home décor, car accessories, gifts and more.

Air-Flex Comfort Harness ($18.95)- This harness comes in a variety of colors and is ideal for small  to medium-sized dogs who do not pull on their leashes. (For a review of collars and harnesses designed to train dogs who pull, click here.) The Air-Flex Harness is made with breathable, stretchable mesh and is very comfortable for the dog. It is easy to put on and is a great walking harness.

Slurpabowl Portable Pet Water Bowl ($12.95)- This nifty pack comes with six reusable 100% recyclable plastic bowls that fold flat and have a clip for on-the-go use. They hold two cups, can be used for food or water and come in an array of cool color combinations.

ASPCA Online Store– Every purchase directly supports the ASPCA in their effort to fight animal cruelty, encourage adoption and educate responsible ownership. The store includes items beyond pet products including clothing, symbolic gifts, books, bags and toys.

Fire Hose Tug ‘N Fetch ($7.99)- This is one tough toy! A favorite of my Vizsla/Pit, the Fire Hose toy is made from rubber material used by firefighters and lots of layers of tightly woven fabric. The double stitching at each end improves durability, especially for heavy chewers. 40% of the purchase goes toward supporting the ASPCA.

Travel Feeder ($11.99)- This cereal-box shaped feeder is a food bowl and storage container in one. The bowl rotates and swings out and food is automatically dispensed into the bowl from the top. A great invention for pets on the go! 40% of this purchase supports the ASPCA.

Fashion Dog Collars ($16.00)- With many patterns to choose from, this classic adjustable collar is great for all types of dogs. They are cotton and include various plaid, camouflage, flowers, hearts, flags and circles designs.

…And One For the Cats
The Animal Rescue Site Store: Sink Drink Cat Dish ($9.95)- Here’s something cool for the lovable kitties in your life. It’s a small dish with aerators that attaches to your bathroom or kitchen faucet, so cats can have a safe, fresh drink without fear of falling in. It’s a pretty cute idea and the website supports all animal rescue, cats included!

If your dog likes to play dress up, check out Doggie Duds that Support Animal Rescue.


8 responses to “Dog Products that Support Animal Rescue

  1. It’s nice to hear about so many places where we can purchase what our pets need and help animal rescues at the same time.

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  3. It’s a pretty cool idea! Love how there is such an easy way to support these groups.

  4. All good sites I am sure, except the Humane Society of the US. They do not support rescues or even run rescues. They are just a radical anti-breeder group that spends most of their money to restrict breeder’s rights. I am all for supporting rescues, but that one I have an issue with. 🙂

  5. Thanks for your comment Brown Dogs, it’s always nice to learn new things 🙂 I support the Humane Society in my city because they work side by side with Miami-Dade Animal Services (who takes in 50-150 dogs a day) to rescue animals who would be PTS at the shelter. As a volunteer at MDAS, I’ve watched them find homes for great dogs who otherwise would have no chance. Of course, this is all on a local level…

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  8. Very informative post lot of products and information on those sites

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