Newest Family Addition: Sweet Puppy, Chelsea

Meet Chelsea, German Shepherd/Terrier mix, 3 months

Harley and Chelsea hanging out with Ace, my little sister's puppy.

I broke the cardinal rule of fostering: I kept our foster puppy, Chelsea! Our family fell in love with her during the three weeks she stayed with us and she became part of our family. She is a four month German Shepherd/Terrier mix from Miami-Dade Animal Services who will probably be about 20 pounds–she’s tiny! Chelsea is the most laid-back, adorable puppy. She loves Harley and Scarlett and is very fond of Roory, our cat. She loves to be held like a baby and rub her wet nose against you. Chelsea fits into our family perfectly and we are so blessed to have her.

As I mentioned in my previous post, Our Foster Puppy Chelsea, I rescued her less than 24 hours before her euthanasia time. A rescue group from New Jersey, Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue, agreed to save her but couldn’t arrange the transfer before her euthanasia date. At the Shelter, sick dogs are put down within hours or days if not adopted out, due to their high intake rate (50-150 dogs per day!!!). Chelsea had an upper-respiratory infection, a contagious “dog cold” and her time was up. When I took her home that day, she sat on the bed I put her down on for an hour. I thought she was exhausted and weak due to her time at the Shelter. Still, I thought it was strange she wasn’t walking around at all and decided to scoop her up and take her outside. I put her in the grass and it was painfully obvious: her back right leg was seriously messed up. Off to the vet we went, only to discover her leg was fractured and dislocated and had formed a permanent painful dead bone mass on her side. This requires FHO surgery to repair it. The worst thing was no one at the Shelter noticed anything was wrong for 10+ days she was there. Poor little thing couldn’t catch a break! (Read more about Chelsea’s Broken Leg here.) In addition to her broken leg (pictured below), our vet discovered Chelsea had mange and hookworms. Thankfully those issues have been treated successfully.

Chelsea's right femur (left side of picture) is out of socket and broken. The "ball" on top is bone mass; they will shave it off and move the head of the femur back into the hip socket. This x-ray was taken by Dr. Jorge Tonarelly of Ponce de Leon Animal Clinic in Coral Gables, FL.

During the three week foster stint, Chelsea fit into our family perfectly. She slept on top of Scarlett and was allowed to share a food bowl with the pack leader, Harley. I told Pick Your Paw how much I wanted to keep her but couldn’t afford this much-needed surgery. Because they didn’t have a home for her yet, they offered to let me keep her and help with fundraising. The best thing is they were able to rescue two healthy, ready-to-be-adopted dogs in her place. Partnered with another rescue group in New Jersey, they saved sixteen dogs from Miami-Dade Animal Services in one trip alone. They have more planned and are living proof that animal rescue efforts have no boundaries, especially when you have a passion and love for dogs!

FHO surgery will cost us approximately $2,400. Since the surgery requires a vet specialist, we got a referral to Dr. Juan Sardinas, who will perform the surgery. He told us her muscle has severely atrophied and she will eventually lose her leg without surgery. Besides the cost of surgery, Chelsea will require 6-8 months of rehabilitation, including physical therapy, in-home rehab, massage therapy, hydrotherapy, medicine and lots of dedicated care. If you would like to donate to raise money for Chelsea, please click here. We are praying it all works out and trusting that it will. Her sweet, positive attitude reminds us she can handle anything however we know she deserves nothing but the best. We are so happy Chelsea is part of our family and we can’t wait until she’s healthy and able to do everything she wants to do.

Chelsea with her baby coconut.

Hello kitty!

Stretching out on the cold tile is my favorite!

How cute are those ears?!

We do everything together!


7 responses to “Newest Family Addition: Sweet Puppy, Chelsea

  1. Deanna, we will be happy to contribute $100 toward Chelsea’s surgery. I am sure some of your readers will want to send whatever they can. $5, $10, $50+. Thank you for saving this previous puppy’s life.

  2. Chelsea is such a cutie. So glad you are keeping her. Praying for the finances to come in and the surgery to go well.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Chelsea is very cute. Congrats on your new addition!

  4. Andrea Thomson Viner @ Iowa Dog Blog

    She’s adorable! I’m sorry to hear about her leg; I hope all goes well with her surgery and recovery.

    We “fostered” our dog Duke, but I think we knew after about two days that he was here to stay!

  5. Thank you! We are so so happy and can’t wait until she’s healthy. We’ll certainly keep everyone updated on the blog…we’ve heard it’s a very intense surgery.

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