5 Products for Cat-Dog Households

There are many pet products designed for both dogs and cats. These products also make life easier- nixing classic problems, providing a safe environment and combining necessities. Here are my top 5 items to make life a little easier in households with cats and dogs.

Covered Litterbox– Lots of dogs just love cat poop and will go to any measure to get it from the litterbox. Disgusting, indeed, but true. Covered litterboxes discourage dogs from picking up leftovers and give cats privacy when dogs and people are around. Some covered litterboxes have doors though many cats do not like to go through them. The Booda Dome has a great design that gives cats all the privacy they need while discouraging the dogs.
Booda Dome Litterbox (WalMart)- $27.00-$29.54

Petmate Covered Litterbox from Pet SuperMarket

Tall Pet Gate– This gate is designed to keep pets confined to a specific area or confine to cats and dogs to separate quarters. Most cats can jump the gate though gates can be good for keeping dogs out of kitty’s quarters. Some dogs can break or jump gates, so it’s important to keep your pet in mind when deciding the best option if separating pets. If dogs are especially aggressive towards cats, they should be separated by a door or confined in a crate.
Extra Tall Pet Gate with Small Pet Door (PetSmart)- $71.99

Automatic Flowing Pet Fountain– A large automatic fountain is a great addition for a multiple-animal household. In addition to being a cleaner water supply, these fountains encourage cats and dogs to drink. Most automatic fountains re-filter and provide a continuous fresh flow of water. My favorite is the Petmate Fresh Flow Purifying Pet Fountain.
Large Petmate Deluxe Fresh Flow Purifying Pet Fountain (PetCo) – $49.99, currently on sale $34.97

Large Petmate Fresh Flow Fountain

Cat Tree– Cats need height and levels to climb, especially when they share households with dogs. Cat trees are a great way to provide height for safety, reassurance and escape, while providing a nice hang out for your cat. Many come with enclosed cat houses, great for cats who enjoy hiding.
Classic Cat Tree (Armarkat)- $73.00

Roory's Cat Tree from PetCo

Cat Door Window– Cat windows are a great solution when indoor/outdoor cats need freedom to come and go and dogs need to stay in one place. They are cat-sized and can be installed at a height dogs can’t access. Living in an urban area like Miami, dogs should not be outside unsupervised, but spayed/neutered, vaccinated cats are safe to come and go in the neighborhood or hang out in the backyard unsupervised (never trust your cat not to wander).
Cat Door for Window (America’s Pet Store) $220.00

Roory and Scarlett

Do you live in a multiple animal household? What products make your life easier?


2 responses to “5 Products for Cat-Dog Households

  1. We have the covered litter box and Bongo sticks his nose in and gets the cat treats anyway. Scratchy (the cat) gets on top of the kitchen cabinets when he wants to be left alone. It works better than any pet gate could.

  2. Same with Roory, so we don’t use gates! She does like to escape to her cat tree sometimes, though 🙂 Bongo is just like Scarlett and Harley…can’t get enough of the poop. We try everything but the most effective thing for us is to scoop often and asap!

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