The Weekend Ahead

My boyfriend playing with Harley in SC.

My parents pups, Patrick the Wheaten Terrier and Ace, the maltipoo next to Harley. Bella is the Maltipoo in front; she belongs to my best friend.

Belly rubs for Patrick.

Ace in the flowerbed.

Tomorrow, our pups get to come on a roadtrip to SC with us for the weekend. When the pups get to stay with their grandparents they live the good life. From healthy food, lots of green space to run, more dogs and people to play with and a beach nearby, life could not get much better! They love playing with their extended dog family: Brandy, the Miniature Schnauzer, Patrick, the Wheaten Terrier, and Ace, the Maltipoo. Should be a fun weekend for the pups 😀


One response to “The Weekend Ahead

  1. You guys have it made. Have fun on your trip. Wish I could go. My person says she loves the picture of Ace in the flowerbed. -Bongo

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