Chelsea’s Broken Leg

Chelsea's right leg was previously broken and healed incorrectly due to lack of care. Fortunately, Chelsea was rescued and this will be fixed!

After bringing our foster puppy Chelsea home, we noticed something was wrong with her leg. She seemed exhausted though we brushed it off as symptoms of her upper respiratory infection and  just coming out of the shelter, in the sick ward nonetheless. We decided to take her out and when she wouldn’t come on her own, I carried her and put her down in the grass. We immediately noticed a limp. In addition, her hip protruded outward and she barely put weight on her right paw. She did run around, chasing Scarlett and Harley like it was her job. We knew her right leg/hip was messed up but wondered how she could be managing so well. Inside, Chelsea played when Harley or Scarlett went to her but mostly, she layed down or slept.

Watch a YouTube video of Chelsea and Scarlett playing here.

My boyfriend brought Chelsea to Miami-Dade Animal Services first thing Monday to have her examined. We are only foster parents; until Chelsea goes to her rescue group in New Jersey, she belongs to MDAS and they wanted to see her. Because of her respiratory infection, she wasn’t allowed to come inside so they waited for a doctor outside. He told my boyfriend her leg was or had been broken at one time and it required an x-ray, though they didn’t have a machine. Chelsea received pain medicine and instructions to get her an x-ray. Still, it’s sad she was previously at the shelter for 10 days and no one detected it.

Our veterinarian, Dr. Jorge Tonarelly is a blessing. As a professional, he is knowledgeable and understanding; as a person, he’s caring and always willing to help. We brought Chelsea to him Monday after going to MDAS. He knew Chelsea’s situation and helped us beyond words can say. It is not the first time he’s helped us; we are privileged to have such a wonderful veterinarian.

Dr. Tonarelly took an x-ray, confirming her leg had been previously broken. Her right leg came out of her socket and healed incorrectly due to lack of treatment. The good news is that it has healed and cannot get any worse at this point but Chelsea will need surgery. The rescue group in New Jersey is arranging all of her medical care and we could not be more thankful. She even has a foster home waiting for her when she gets there until she is adopted.

For now, Chelsea is being medicated for pain as needed and getting all the love she deserves. She’s the most adorable little girl and the best thing about her is her broken leg doesn’t detour her in the least. After 4 days at my house, she has learned her name, not gone potty inside once, and is learning fetch. She adores our dogs and cat and they love her even more. Our Pit Bull/Vizsla, Scarlett is going to be beside herself when she goes to her rescue group in New Jersey. I hope someone makes her part of their permanent family soon; she deserves the very best!


4 responses to “Chelsea’s Broken Leg

  1. So glad you are getting Chelsea such good care. I certainly hope she finds a forever home soon.

  2. Oh, sweet little Chelsea we are so sorry to hear about your leg but we are happy you have loving people taking care of you now. We hope you will soon have a loving forever home and your leg gets taken care of. You are just so cute! Hugs and nose kisses

  3. Thank you, us too. I spoke to the rescue group, Pick Your Paw Animal Rescue, they are so awesome and are going to fix her up and find her a wonderful home 🙂 hugs and nose kisses!

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