Our Foster Puppy, Chelsea

This is Chelsea, an adorable 3-month old puppy we are fostering for Miami-Dade Animal Services until she can go to a rescue group in New Jersey or be adopted to a forever home. While I was volunteering today at MDAS, I overheard her story and had to help save her life.

Chelsea was a stray brought to the shelter a few weeks ago but because she was so small, she got a respiratory infection and was moved to the upper-respiratory (sick) ward of the shelter. Animals from the sick ward are adoptable though not many people, if any, walk back there. Since no one saw her or had the chance to interact, she had a slim chance of getting adopted and because she was sick and had been at the shelter for some time, she was scheduled for euthanasia tomorrow morning. A rescue group in New Jersey found out about her and wanted to save her but couldn’t coordinate the trip for another week or two. The MDAS staff were all searching for a foster who could take care of her until the group could coordinate the trip.

Chelsea, courtesy of Miami-Dade Animal Services

By the end of the day, little Chelsea still didn’t have a foster and she had less than 24 hours, so I jumped in. I have the space, a house full of fur and plenty of dog food already, I mean, c’mon, wouldn’t you?!

Chelsea looks like a Terrier/German Shepherd mix and she is 12 pounds, 3-months old. She’s loving Harley and Scarlett and they seem to like her a lot, too. She hasn’t done much since we got home; lots of pooping and sleeping. She’s a very calm, quiet dog…that will probably change once she’s not so exhausted and sick. She limps a little so she may have an old injury to her back leg; I’m going to get it checked out next week just to be sure it’s healing but other than that she is a such wonderful dog! I hope she finds a home and a family as loving as she is. She likes to be held like a baby and nuzzle in your neck…it’s just too cute!

If you are interested in helping animals, consider puppy fostering! You will save dogs, get to love little fluff-balls and help animal rescue efforts all over the country. To get started, contact your local shelter, Humane Society, or any local rescue group. Believe me, they can use all the help they can get! I’ll post more in-depth about puppy fostering as I learn from this experience, so if you’re interested, be sure to check back soon.


5 responses to “Our Foster Puppy, Chelsea

  1. Chelsea is a real cutie. So glad you stepped in and saved her life. Praying that she finds a wonderful forever home.

  2. Oh yeah, precious. Thank you for your prayers; we, too, are praying she finds a great home with lots of love!

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