Birdcage Doggie

What's going on up here?

Let me get a closer look...

Oooh, birds! YES!

Harley, the Mini Schnauzer, loving my little sister’s parakeets. These were taken during one of our visits to see my family. He was absolutely intrigued and surprisingly didn’t try to attack them.

Hope you enjoy! The last is one of my favorites.


4 responses to “Birdcage Doggie

  1. Harley is such a cutie!!!

  2. Harley Baby, your grandma loves you. Thank you for not eating the birds!

  3. Harley is so cute. What did the birds think of their visitor?

  4. Thanks, we like to think so too!

    Harley loves his grandma. He says he wished you would have brought the birds out to play 🙂

    I don’t think the birds were too bothered until the extremely high-pitched barking started. That’s when bird visiting hours were over.

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