Cat Dog Buddies

What's Harley doing over there?


The flash is hurting our eyes!

Stop getting frisky. Take this, Scarlett!

Scarlett, our one-year old Vizsla/Pit Bull and Roory, our 13-year old kitty sharing some lounge time. When we first got Scarlett, she wanted to eat Roory (and Harley, and every other animal and person in sight). Seven months later, after lots of consistent training and a few good scratches on Scarlett’s nose, they are buddies. Of course, that doesn’t stop Scarlett from getting batted every now and then…


8 responses to “Cat Dog Buddies

  1. Awesome pictures! This reminds me of my pets haha

  2. I love Vizslas and do some work with Pit Bulls. Awesome to see Scarlett. She looks mostly Vizsla to me except for the photo where it looks like she is frowning. Thanks for sharing.

    Pet Sitter Diaries – Pacific Tales

    • Thanks Pam! She looks more Vizsla to me, too, but she’s gaining more muscle everyday so we’ll see! She to us 6 months ago from a very abusive home at 28 pounds and now she’s around 50 🙂 🙂 On the flip side, she’s got the attitude and wonderful personality of a Pit…couldn’t have asked for a better mix!

  3. You are now officially the best dog trainer! Your guys have always been “actors” but seriously they are actually posing!

  4. It’s great when pets become buddies. It looks like Roory may be about ready to bat though.

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