Best Pet Products Under $30 to Make Your Life Easier

Sometimes, humans could use a few things to make their lives easier when it comes to their pets. These are my favorite solutions, all under $30, to life’s everyday issues when it comes to your pup.

Greenies Beef Pill Pockets
Greenies Pill Pockets are the best way I’ve found to make your dog take his pills. A thick, squishy hollow treat with an open side. Simply slip the pill in, pinch closed and feed the treat to your dog. Most dogs never know the difference.
Amazon: Greenies Pill Pockets Tablet Size (Small) Beef Pill Pockets– $4.25
Amazon: Greenies Pill Pockets Capsule Size (Large) Beef Pill Pockets– $6.13
—>Do It For Free: Stuff pills into existing treats. If it doesn’t work with the treats you have, stuff the pill into some wet food or a little peanut butter on a spoon

Portable Water Solutions
Dogs on-the-go need a handy source of water. There are many options, from water-bottle/dog drinking contraptions to collapsable bowls. These are great for outdoors activities, travel, disaster kits, walks, and trips to the dog park.
PetCo: Handi-Drink Instant Dog Drinkers– $7.47
Clear and bright blue, includes water bottle that flips to fold-out drinking dish for easy-to-dispense water. Great for walks, hikes, road trips and pets-on-the-go.
PetCo: Bison Pet Tartan Pink Travel Bowl– $15.97
This bowl is black with pink-plaid trim, folds flat for storage and can be used for water and food. Stylish and versatile.
PetCo: Bamboo Pet Collapsible Silicone Travel Bowl– $7.99 for one or $9.99 for three
These brightly colored pop-up bowls can be used for water and food. They are easy-to-clean and have minimal storage needs, making these a crowd favorite.
—>Do It For Free: Bring a water bottle and a plastic bowl

Pet Hair Removal on Furniture
Remove fur and pet hair easily with this tool safe for virtually all furniture. The yellow pads have thousands of tiny fibers to trap hair. After one cleaning, you’ll be able to tell the difference. The best thing? The bright yellow pads make it easy to see how much hair you’ve lifted up.
PetSmart: Scotch FurFighter Hair Remover Starter Kit– $7.99 for Starter Kit; $4.99 for Refill Sheets
—>Do It For Free: Use a vacuum to suck all the pet hair up. Be careful not to ruin sensitive fabrics, like suede or chenille.

Pooper Scooper
These items are especially handy with big dogs or multiple-dog families. The Lazy Pet Poop Scoop features a jaw-like scoop with handles at the top for easy, hands-free waste disposal. Two sizes allow you to choose your distance.
Amazon: Lazy Pet Poop Patrol Jaw Scoop– $15.99
—>Do It For Free– Good old-fashioned recycled plastic bags and a shovel work just as well.

Pet Food Storage Containers
Containers are the best way to keep dry food fresh, especially when buying in bulk. Pros of using containers include airtight, rodent-proof seals and food that stays fresh longer than when sitting in an open bag.
PetSmart: Stackable Pet Food Storage Bins– $19.99-$27.99, 3 sizes, outdoor-proof
Amazon: IRIS Airtight Pet Food Storage Container– $7.11-$22.67, 5 sizes, indoor-use only
—>Do It For Free– Put food into giant plastic bags for an airtight, bug-proof seal.

Water Absorbent Floor Mats
If your dog likes to splash water all around his water-bowl area, consider using an absorbent mat under the food and water bowls. Water-absorbing floor mats help pick up water, protect floors and keep bugs away.
PetSmart: DryMate Surface Solutions Dog Bowl Place Mat– $7.99
Amazon: Anti-Slip Water-Absorbent Mats, 3 pack- $24.95
—>Do It For Free: Use a towel from around the house-the more absorbent, the better!

Pet Food Can Lid Covers
For dogs on canned wet food diets, these lid covers are a cheap, easy way to keep leftover cans fresh in the refrigerator.
Amazon: Pet Food Can Covers– $4.89, 3 pack
Bed, Bath and Beyond: Paw-Shaped Can Covers– $7.99, 2 pack, various color combinations
—>Do It For Free: Use plastic wrap or tin foil and a rubber band

A de-shedding tool is necessary for dogs who shed a lots of pet hair. By regularly using a de-shedder, pets will shed less fur on a daily basis around the house.
PetSmart: ShedMonster Professional De-Shedding Tool– $19.99
—>Do It For Free: There is nothing more effective than a good de-shedder which requires a little cash. One much less ineffective way is to take your dog outside with a dry towel and give it a good rub down, being careful not to cause too much friction. Regular bathing helps keep shedding under control but don’t bathe more than once a week, if possible, as this can cause more shedding.
**Check out the list of 5 Dog Breeds that Shed Least**

What pet products make your life easier? We’d love to hear from you, as we’re always looking for canine-friendly stuff!


4 responses to “Best Pet Products Under $30 to Make Your Life Easier

  1. Andrea Thomson Viner @ Iowa Dog Blog

    I love Greenies Pill Pockets (and so do my dogs). Duke doesn’t even like the flavored chew tabs that many canine medicines come in, so I use the Pill Pockets a lot.

    I love our Easy Walk harness, especially since we have deep-chested, strong dogs.

    • Our dogs agree! So does Roory, but she likes the Salmon Cat Pill Pockets.
      Thanks for the harness tip, I will check it out tonight. Scarlett needs one that is easy to put on/remove because we haven’t completely learned this patience thing yet.

  2. You’ve mentioned some things here that I may have to check out. We’ve been going on longer hikes lately and one of those travel bowls might be great.

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