4 Doggie Photo Contests


The web is full of many dog photo contests, with prizes ranging from recognition to cash. Here are 4 pup photo contests that run through March 2012. Get your best picture ready and choose one (or all!) of these contests, depending on what you want to win!

#4. Dog World Active Dog Photos
Deadline: Ongoing
Prize: Winning photos will appear in an upcoming issue of Dog World
How to enter: Send a picture of your dog in action along with name, breed, and what activity he’s doing.
Enter contest here

#3. Dog Fancy’s My Doggie Valentine Contest
Deadline: October 28, 2011
Prize: Appear in February 2012 issue
How to enter: Send a picture of you and your dog plus 30-50 words about why you and your dog are soulmates.
Enter contest here

#2. Orvis Cover Dog Photo Contest
Deadline: March 31, 2012
Prize: Dog photo to appear on upcoming Orvis Magazine cover + $500 Orvis giftcard
How to enter: Send picture of dog who displays the Orvis lifestyle (outdoorsy, family-oriented, friendly) along with name, breed, age and photo caption
Enter contest here

#1. Cutest Pet Photo Contest
Deadline: December 31, 2011
Prize: $100 PetSmart gift card for winning the quarterly contest; $1000 cash if photo wins the annual contest. Chance for dog to be on cover of a magazine.
How to enter: Send photo and some basic registration information. Winners are chosen by voting, so you can promote your pet to get extra votes.
Enter contest here


One response to “4 Doggie Photo Contests

  1. You mean I have to be patient while me person takes my picture? -Bongo

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