Dog-Worthy Halloween Costumes of 2011

Halloween is right around the corner and if you plan to play dress-up with your pup, you need one of the best doggie costumes of 2011. For the Love of My Dogs searched numerous sites and found the best Halloween dog costumes of 2011 at Party City. The site is easy to navigate, has competitive pricing and a great selection of costumes ranging from small accessories to full-body outfits with wigs. If your dog likes to play dress up, consider one of these cute costumes.

Dog Costumes

#1. Animal Planet Raptor Dog Dinosaur Costume $24.99
This costume is the best I’ve found for 2011. It’s absolutely hilarious, with short, stubby arms that stick straight out from the dog’s front legs and a long tail that extends from the back. If your dog doesn’t mind dress-up, this may just be the perfect fit.

#2. The Joker from Batman Dark Knight $14.99
Show off your dog’s eerie side with this Joker costume, complete with scraggly wig. The jacket is a replica of The Joker’s purple and green blazer in The Dark Knight.

#3. Animal Planet Shark Dog Costume $29.99
Another hilarious Animal Planet costume that extends from nose to tail. It’s light gray with an exaggerated tail, fins and a large hammerhead that fits over your dog’s head. A head-turner!

#4. Harem Dog Costume $12.99
If your dog is saucy, she needs a Harem halloween costume. This sexy number includes red mesh poof capris, bra and traditional headpiece.

#5. Grrroovy Dog Costume $12.99
This full costume will bring out the hippie in your pup. Bellbottoms, paisley and a peace sign bring the outfit to life; the curly black wig completes the look!

Light Costumes (For dogs who don’t like dress-up!)

Animal Planet Triceratops Hat Costume $9.99
A hat with a chin strap, this Triceratops head has three horns and a glitzy brown pattern.

#2. Ride On Headless Horeseman $19.99
Straps to your dogs back like a harness and features and old-timey headless horseman. Spooky!

#3. Strip N’ Dog Costume $5.99
For dogs with a frisky side! This costume includes a bowtie and cufflinks for the front paws.

#4. Pumpkin Head Costume $6.99
A helmet-like hat that fastens under the chin. Classic, cute and simple–especially if your dog doesn’t like dress up like you do!

#5. Mini Peace Hand Hat $2.99
Affordable yet iconic, this tiny hat fits many sizes thanks to it’s adjustable string tie. The bigger the dog, the funnier it looks. It’s literally an American-flag peace-sign mini hat.

If you decide you like one of these costumes, search on Amazon for competitive pricing! I found great prices there but they are size specific. Try a Google Shopping search, too!

What do you think about dressing your dog? Since Harley likes to wear clothes, I thought he would love costumes but no, he hated it. The next year, I got a light costume but he was annoyed so we took it off. Since then, I’ve nixed the costumes and just dress him in one of his favorite outfits…he does love his clothes (especially the ones from “Grandma”)!


4 responses to “Dog-Worthy Halloween Costumes of 2011

  1. Bongo’s not into dress up, but he will have something to say about it on his blog in the next few days.

  2. Tell Bongo we’ll be watching for it!

  3. Cute doggie and picture. Thanks for stopping by our blog and commenting. Hugs and nose kisses

  4. Thank you. We’re following you now too and looking forward to seeing more from Chancy, Patches, Pooh and Snookums! Hugs and nose kisses back to you

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