A Cat-Dog Named Harley

Caught in the act!

I came into the living room this afternoon to find this. Harley always uses the bridge he’s standing on to walk between the couch and chair but I’ve never seen him attempting to get in the little nest. I should have reprimanded him but I had to grab my phone and snap a picture instead. Roory is probably mad at me as she does not like any of her things to smell like dog.


8 responses to “A Cat-Dog Named Harley

  1. Ooooooo… your cat is gonna be ticked!

  2. We haven’t had the confrontation yet but I think you’re right. Good thing it’s nothing a few kitty treats can’t fix!

  3. The question is – did he make it all of the way in?

  4. He was stopped short of achieving victory after I thought about how angry my cat would be though I really doubt he would have made it in that tiny hole! Who knows how long he’d been trying because I had just stepped out of the shower.

  5. Harley you’d better watch it. If a cat’s in there you’ll get scratched on the nose. I know. -Bongo

  6. I can see the cat now… front legs crossed in front looking at both you and harvey with that bad cat look on his face… hilarious!

  7. Ouch, Bongo! Unfortunately, Harley knows this and does it anyway. And Roory was doing EXACTLY that as she sat across the room from us last night…she’s a very social cat so I’m sure it was spiteful. Thankfully, a few treats and some catnip made everything better 🙂

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