To Swim or Not to Swim?

Dad helping me put on my lifejacket.

What's goin' on down here?

Off I go!

I'm stayin' up here!

Harley can’t get enough of the water. We’re lucky we live on a lake and Harley can swim anytime! Scarlett could too, if she wasn’t so scared. Now, she finally creeps into the water, inch by inch, but as soon as the water hits her chest, she’s outta there! Harley never wants to come back, so he has a lifejacket. His favorite activity (and mommy’s least favorite) is chasing the ducks. Luckily, there were none this time.

Is your dog a swimmer or a scardy-cat?



2 responses to “To Swim or Not to Swim?

  1. Harley, that looks like fun swimming with a life jacket. My people won’t take me swimming. They say they don’t trust me off the leash. I don’t know why. They know I’d come back eventually.-Bongo

  2. Tons of fun! Harley was not allowed until we found a safe place so it’s his newest favorite activity. He is not fond of his jacket…Bongo, I’m sure you would agree if you had that strange contraption on!

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