Homemade Dog Food Guidelines

Recently, pet owners received 12.4 million of a 24 million dollar fund set up in response to the national 2007 melamine pet food recall. The recall affected more than 180 nationally recognized brands, causing sickness in thousands of dogs and even death in some cases. Most people took the opportunity to research their dog food and many were horrified to know what their dogs had been eating. Standards have improved but many dog foods still contain by-products and ingredients that can be detrimental to a dog’s health.

Many dog owners have turned to homemade dog food. Though time consuming and more expensive than store-bought dog food, a well-balanced homemade diet is great for a number of reasons. Dog food chefs know every ingredient is fresh, all the ingredients are real and there are no by-products or fillers. The homemade diet can also be modified to fit a specific dog’s needs. The most common reasons for moderation are allergies, chronic medical conditions, activity level, age and/or breed.

When deciding to make your own dog food, the most important thing to do is consult with your veterinarian before starting to cook for your pooch! Below are my tips for whipping up some homemade grub for your furry family members.

Ingredients to Include

Protein- 25%. Up to 50% for puppies and pregnant dogs.

Chicken, beef, lamb, turkey, pork loin, salmon, etc.

Carbohydrates- 50%

Brown rice, potatoes, pasta, etc.

Vegetables- 25%

Carrots, cabbage, zucchini, celery (finely chopped or pureed), spinach, etc.

Essential Fatty Acids- every pet is different; ask your vet!

Omega 3’s and omega 6’s

Ingredients to Avoid

Garlic, onions, chocolate (duh), raisins, grapes, corn, avocados, macadamia nuts, raw meat, seeds/pits. Consult with your vet for complete list of foods to avoid.

Important Tips

Check with your veterinarian first! It is very important to make sure the diet is well-balanced and will not cause malnutrition

Ask a vet what supplements are needed. Homemade diets can cause deficiencies, especially calcium deficiency.

Only use raw meat if it’s organic and fresh. Other meat should be boiled or steamed.

What are your thoughts on homemade dog food?



Dee Ray, best mom/dog knowledge source ever!






8 responses to “Homemade Dog Food Guidelines

  1. Don’t think I want to spend that much time in the kitchen, but it’s a great idea for someone who likes to cook.

  2. Krista explained the wonderful use of canned chicken (packed in water) for $2 each per can; frozen vegetables and potatoes. Then add cooked brown rice and other items. Not much cooking now.

  3. Great idea, surely saves lots of time!

  4. Great info on EFA’s. I will order at once to include in their diets. Also, vitamins. I am already putting in calcium. Thanks for this heads up!

  5. Raw meats can be treated with grapeseed extract and food needs to be small for proper digestion. One of our pups has slightly different diet due to diabetes complications. Vet advised adding calcium and multi vitamins to their food.

  6. Thanks for those tips! I know calcium deficiency is a concern in homemade dog food so supplementing is a great idea.

  7. I used to supplement Scooby’s kibble with homemade food but I long ago decided I don’t have time for that. It’s a goal of mine to get back to that, though. It may have to wait until our pack gets a little smaller…

  8. we feed wheat-free kibble (taste of the wild) mixed with (50/50) brown rice, carrots, peas, kale, lentils, chick peas, and boiled chicken. we started this mainly because we got another dog (or should i say he got us) and it was getting expensive to just feed taste of the wild, also because the new pup was extremely malnourished and had skin problems. i think adding the homemade food was the best thing we’ve ever done for them, it really helped the pup fill out and eliminated his skin problems almost completely, and Alice (the original doggie) who had some problems not eating enough, now gets excited for every meal, eats every bit, and has stayed at a good healthy weight ever since ๐Ÿ™‚
    i would recommend adding homemade food to anyone. not only does it save money but it really helps the dogs too ๐Ÿ™‚

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