TV Watchin’ Dogs

Harley, my 8 pound Schnauzer LOVES watching TV and not only dogs that run across the screen during PetSmart commercials. Granted, animal shows are his absolute favorite and he’ll jump up and down in front of the screen when we let him (usually only when new friends are over because they find it hilarious). I’ve seen other dogs watch TV but never to the extent that Harley does. If he’s really into it, he stands as close as possible but usually he watches from the couch, only getting close during the cat food commercials. Besides Animal Planet, he loves action movies; I think it probably has something to do with all the movement.

According to the American Kennel Club, 87% of pet owners say their pets watch TV. Scarlett, the Vizsla/Pit Mix and Roory, the kitty, don’t seem to notice at all, even when Harley is attacking the ‘gators on Swamp People.

Do your pets watch TV? What are their favorite shows?


“Thanks for the IPad, Mommy!”



3 responses to “TV Watchin’ Dogs

  1. Do they really watch tv?
    My dog does not even look at it !

  2. Yes this is a true story! It is so funny, especially when he gets really into a show with no animals at all. Our other two pups don’t seem to notice the TV at all, but Harley is another story. He thinks he’s a human 😉

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